Our proprietary technology, the F-Cube, is a first-of-its-kind, interactive & intelligent device for Football & Fitness Training, Assessment and Practice. It quantifies, monitors and helps improve various mental and physical parameters associated with play across different age groups and skill levels, and provides the information on its online digital platform.

The F-Cube encourages enables its users to engage in a healthy activity combined with fun and entertainment. During the course of a 5-minute game, one can utilize up to 400 muscles and burn more than 100 calories. F-Cube enables progression through differential learning prompting short bursts with quick and random movements while building stamina and speed through intense physical activity.

Working Principle

The F-Cube was built to analyse the effective combined use of the six basic skills of Football – Dribbling, Passing, Heading, Shooting, Trapping and Tackling – all performed under pressure.
Dribbling by returning rebounding ball quickly to the restraining line
Passing to make sure that the ball strikes the target area
Heading a high return from the machine
Shooting to make the ball strike the target area sooner
Trapping by controlling an awkwardly ball
Tackling by interception & controlling a difficult return


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