Strategy & Implementation

Over the years, TheFootballLink has undertaken and executed numerous football development projects and in the process, developed a deep expertise in organizing large scale football initiatives through strategic consulting, turnkey project execution, sustainable sports Infrastructure & our proprietary Football Technology, F-Cube.

Some of our marquee initiatives include the International Football Festival in 2012, the Mohalla Football Festival and Kashmir Football Festival in 2013 and the first-of-its-kind Zinc Football Program since 2017.

Excellence Program

TFL’s Excellence Program aims to identify top young talents and nurture them into future Indian Football Stars through an extensive talent scouting model, world-class infrastructure and residential setups that focus on 360° development of each child.

01 Infrastructure

TFL specializes in setting up state-of-the-art sporting facilities inspired by the F-Cube Technology and the latest in Sports Science offering a unique platform to nurture top talents

02 Residential Program

TFL’s Residential Program is structured around the Student-Athlete model of providing intensive Training and holistic Education while maintaining a marriage of Western Football Philosophies and the Eastern Gurukul Culture

03 Scouting

TFL offers one of the most widespread football networks in the country that can be utilized as a pipeline to funnel promising young talents across various age groups through Scouting Camps and Talent Hunt initiatives

Development Program

Since our inception, the TFL team has pledged to continuously contribute to the Development of Youth and Community through the beautiful game by organizing large scale grassroots programs and gradually helping transform India into a global sporting powerhouse.

01 Community Football Clubs

TFL adopts local schools and football clubs, and provides them with trained coaches, specialized curriculums and football equipment to offer regular training and match exposure to boys and girls, thus helping establish a footballing culture

02 Tournaments & leagues

Through Tournaments, Leagues and Football Festivals, young boys and girls are given a platform to hone their football training and showcase their talent. These events also offer a great opportunity to scout talent

03 Government Partnerships

As illustrated in TFL’s past initiatives, partnerships with the Government or its Agencies such as Sports or Education boards help promote and amplify the impact of these initiatives and encourages concerted effort from key stakeholders

Key Highlights


The second edition of TheFootballLink International Football Festival 2012 was the largest Football Festival ever organized in India and saw the participation of...


As part of HZL’s game-changing Zinc Football CSR initiative, TFL setup the largest grassroots development football program in the country by partnering...


Seeing the success of our Sports for Development programs, Ford Foundation gave us a grant to organize awareness presentations in slums across Delhi. The present...

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